The Bavarian manufacturer with the propeller logo has been the official vehicle providers of MotoGP since 1999. The BMW M4 Coupe is carrying out its safety car duties responsibly this year and it's supported by a fleet that consists of the M3, M5 and M6 Gran Coupe. When things literally spin out of control on the track, the BMW M550d xDrive Touring and the BMW X5 M will dive in as medical cars to rush the racing gladiators to safety.

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Joining the ranks of the safety vehicle team now is the BMW S1000RR as the official safety bike. The primary role of the S1000RR will be to do a lap of the track prior to the big boys taking over. The rider onboard will be tasked with ensuring that the track is ready, clean and free of debris.

BMW Reveals the Official S1000RR MotoGP Safety Bike

Opting for a matte black livery instead of the standard BMW racing colors, the S1000RR also features the HP lettering on the fairing. So it appears that the skunkworks deep beneath the bowels of BMW’s high performance division has implanted HP rearsets, BMW’s Gearshift Assist Pro, and the HP clutch and brake lever set on this copy to elevate it to the level of a true MotoGP safety bike.

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For individuals who admire motorbikes with carbon-fiber, the mid-fairing and rear fender have been replaced with their object of admiration. Belting out 199bhp of power, the rest of the package is pretty much standard fare, yet completely capable of doing the tasks that it has been entrusted with.

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BMW Reveals the Official S1000RR MotoGP Safety Bike
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