Do you hate shopping? Waiting in those long, arduous lines? The pesky shopping mall kiosk tenets trying to sell you that face moisturizer you don’t need? Then look at this video where a rider weaves his way through a crowded shopping mall with expert precision.

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Is it staged? Most likely, given the multi-camera angles. No one is diving into a pile of well placed boxes as he rockets past. No one seems perturbed this exhaust spewing machine is inside mucking up the food court coney dogs.

The versatility of a motorcycle is often an overlooked characteristic. Any number of factors can sway a potential buyer, but as this video suggests, a bike can be a lot more than just some road-going transportation.

Watch This Motorcycle Rider Weave Through A Shopping Mall

The video elaborates on how quickly one can get their shopping done. Imagine having a handful of horses beneath you as you shop for a gift for your significant other. No more standing behind the family with 17 children all under the age of five who have somehow coined synchronized temper tantrums as the next big Olympic Sport.

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After the rider weaves his way out of the shopping mall, he does some off-roading in otherwise public spaces. Given the number of dislikes on the video, what he did was very popular.

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Photos Courtesy Of raavvjon

Watch This Motorcycle Rider Weave Through A Shopping Mall
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