The lightweight legion of adventure touring bikes has been expanding recently with some regularity. Now BMW joins KTM, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki with a small-bore sporty ADV based motorcycle called the G 310 GS.

“As far as BMW Motorrad is concerned, GS is a promise – a promise of perfect functioning, reliability and robustness. The G 310 GS transfers these qualities to the below 500cc capacity segment, embracing them in its own distinctive, mature interpretation.”

Keen to establish the new lightweight’s credentials as a genuine BMW, the German builder puts it this way: “The G 310 GS is a genuine GS: a highly contemporary product with a level of versatility that is currently unrivaled in the segment. It is nimble and agile in city traffic while over light terrain it is supremely robust.

This makes it the perfect companion for the adventures of everyday riding. Extremely compact yet mature and comfortable, the GS opens up a whole new world of riding experience within its segment. It is precisely this versatility that makes the G 310 GS unique in the entry-level segment.

2017 BMW G310GS Joins the Lightweight ADV Legion

“The BMW G 310 GS can be identified as a genuine GS at first sight. With its characteristic, high front fender, striking flyline and short, high rear, the BMW G 310 GS features classic elements of its big GS sibling models. Its compact proportions with a short wheelbase, a 19-inch front wheel and extended spring travel make for a typical upright posture, promising an agile, nimble riding response.”

The new single is powered by a 313cc liquid-cooled engine known from the G 310 R, with four valves and two overhead camshafts and electronic fuel injection. The cylinder is tilted rearward, its head rotated 180 degrees: intake at the front, exhaust at the rear. This configuration follows the logic of a straight, power-enhancing supply of fresh air-fuel mixture and also has positive consequences in terms of the bike’s architecture.

Gallery: 2017 BMW G310GS Joins the Lightweight ADV Legion

With an output of 34 hp at 9500 rpm, and maximum torque of 28 Nm at 7500 rpm, the engine of the new G 310 GS is the ideal partner for dynamic riding pleasure, in conjunction with the low unladen weight of 375 pounds. The new dualie shares the roadster’s steel tube spaceframe with a bolt-on rear subframe. Given its good stiffness balance, this provides the basis for excellent ride stability and a precise steering response. The front wheel suspension employs an inverted telescopic fork, while the rear uses an aluminum swingarm with a spring strut mounted directly.

Like all BMW motorcycles, the new G 310 GS comes with ABS as standard. It combines a high-performance brake system with 2-channel ABS for efficient deceleration and short braking distances. For use over light terrain the ABS can be deactivated at the press of a button. The G 310 GS instrument cluster has a large liquid crystal display that offers excellent clarity and a wide range of information.

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