Victory Posts “Operation Octane” Winners

Victory’s Operation Octane contest drew entries from 26 dealers around the world, with public voting conducted over the past three weeks. The results are in: “Victory is pleased to announce the winning bike in International markets was Desert Racer (Pictured Above) built by Iwan-Bikes in Germany. The winning bike in North America was Evil Ethel built by Strokers Dallas (Pictured Below).”

Victory Posts Operation Octane Winners

The runner up bike in International markets was Grifter (built by Brisan Motorcycles in Australia) while King Octane (built by Coastal Victory in Myrtle Beach USA) took the runner up spot in North America.

Bernhard Peintner, the Dealer Principal at Iwan-Bikes in Germany, who made Desert Racer said: “We won! A thousand thank you’s to all guys voting for us. We really won! International Champion of the Operation Octane contest. The Desert Racer has special knobby tires, a low handlebar, a metal radiator protector, off-road footrests and a real leather seat. The front suspension is protected and the rear fender is specially designed for muddy roads. The paint job was all by hand by airbrush; it’s a real military color. We also added throw-over-bags too to finish the look.”

Clint Davis, the Dealer Principal at Brisan Motorcycles in Australia, who made Grifter (Pictured above) said: “We’ve been associated with the Victory brand since the beginning. Building Grifter was a heap of fun for the team and allowed us to take the Octane in a totally new direction. The finished bike is already creating enormous interest in the showroom.

“Our goal was to create a motorcycle that was still recognizably an Octane, but meaner, leaner and more eye catching than the standard bike. It also needed to sound fantastic, be great fun to ride and turn heads wherever it goes. The resulting build combines a hand-made tail section, repurposed Arrow exhaust with lobster back headers, metallic cherry and graphite paintwork and 18″ Performance Machine wheels.”

North American Champion Strokers Dallas said the following about Evil Ethel: “Take a mean bike and make it meaner. That’s the vision we had in our mind for our evil Victory Octane that we call Ethel.”

North American Runner-Up Coastal Victory said the following about King Octane (Pictured Above): “Keeping with the Victory brand tradition, we added fenders from a Victory Kingpin (modified to fit), had our painter (Rusty Nash) add a SIC custom paint job and topped the build off with a Ness Intake and Bassani 2-into-1 Exhaust.”

The 2017 Victory Octane engine was born out of the motor used in the Project 156 racer for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

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