Indian unveils a performance kit designed to get more than 100 hp from its big cruisers and baggers.

Stage 3 kit boosts engine size to 1901 cc

Indian Motorcycle has unveiled a Stage 3 big bore kit that it says will boost the company’s big twins to 116 cu. inc., with a boost in power and torque coming part and parcel with the upgrade.

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For those of you existing outside the Harley/Indian bubble, 116 cubic inches works out to be 1900.9 cc, or 1901 if you round up. One wonders if that was intentional; Indian traces its history back to the year 1901 and you'll see that number printed on just about everything it produces.

Whatever the case, those (almost) 1901 cubic centimeters will deliver a 15 percent increase in torque and a 20 percent increase in horsepower, according to Indian. Presumably that is on top of the power boost the company’s heavyweight machines recently received as a result of Euro IV compliance. A 2018 Indian’s standard Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin will produce 84 hp and 150 Nm, according to Indian. So, that means a Stage 3-equipped machine should churn out 100.8 hp and 172.5 Nm (127 ft-lb) of torque. Not too shabby.

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Folks eager to feel that power will need to find an extra $2,000, plus installation, to achieve it. The kit will be available at US dealerships from December. It’s uncertain as to whether it will be available in other markets, but my guess is it won’t be; Indian has already announced that after 31st December 2017, it will no longer sell its Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance kits to customers in the EMEA region.

Although the kit is available for any Thunder Stroke 111-powered machine, Indian is clearly targeting the upgrade at bagger enthusiasts.

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“The bagger landscape is seeing more and more emphasis on performance, with more riders looking to get on the throttle and carve corners as they would on smaller bikes,” said Derek Meyer, senior category manager of Indian Motorcycle Accessories. “Indian’s roots are in performance, innovation and pushing boundaries, and this 116-kit is but one of a variety of new products riders will see from us moving forward.”

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