Tork Motors of Bangalore, India, has seven years of development in its T6X sportbike. Its TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) unit analyzes and compiles data from each ride. Ride modes can be adjusted from sport to economy settings, and the technology connects with the Cloud to update new features automatically.

The T6X is the first commercially sold Indian electric motorycle, its motive power derived from a 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack, which takes some of its storage capacity from regenerative braking. The T6X is equipped with 4.3 inch touch screen navigation unit. The sparkler has an 80-percent charge time in one hour and range of 60 miles per charge. Top speed is rated at 60 mph, weight is 312 pounds. For more information, visit

Tork Motors Releases the Cool New T6X Electric Motorcycle

Another new market contender is the electric scooter company Ather, also of Bangalore, and the Taiwan outfit Gogoro, not to mention the recent appearance of protoypes and market testing by Honda and Yamaha. While some have expressed surprise at the number of new electric motorcycles and scooters appearing on the market, and even showing some skepticism, seasoned prognosticators like ourselves, of course, saw it coming long ago, and opined on its eventuality at will.

Of course in the long term the results will hinge largely on what we burn, beyond sunlight, in generating and storing the electricity for these mobility units without choking the goose. In any event, it’s going to be huge, the electric moto-market, fantastically huge, and wonderful with all the people working and riding to work, it’s going to work out wonderfully. Truly wonderful, trust me. We'll have road racing in the parking lot, trials in the lobby. Fantastic.

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