A report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released today showed motorcycle thefts in the United States rose slightly last year.  A total of 46,467 motorcycles were reported stolen in 2016 compared with 45,555 in 2015 — an increase of two percent. However, the total number of bikes stolen over the past ten years has dropped considerably, from 66,774 in 2006 to 46,467 in 2016 — a decline of 30 percent.

The top ten states with the most reported motorcycles thefts in 2016 were California (7,506), Florida (4,482), Texas (3,692), South Carolina (2,057), North Carolina (1,847), New York (1,731), Indiana (1,397), Georgia (1,296), Missouri (1,195), and Nevada (1,177).

The top ten cities were New York (1,209), San Diego (849), Las Vegas (818), Los Angeles (760) San Francisco (616), Miami (610), Houston (607), San Antonio (411), Phoenix (347), and Austin, Texas, (343).

The top ten by manufacturer were Honda (9,052 thefts), Yamaha (7,723), Suzuki (6,229), Kawasaki (5,221), Harley Davidson (4,953), Taotao (2,673), KTM (762), Ducati (521), Genuine (463), and Kymco (453).

National Insurance Crime Bureau has determined that weather plays a factor in all of this as well: “The most motorcycle thefts occurred in August (5,251) and the fewest in February (2,547) which continues to reflect a weather-influenced pattern that is consistent with previous years.”

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