It's hard to find fault with the 2015 Triumph Street Triple R that's in my garage.

Every time I ride it, I love it more and more. If asked why, I don't even really have to speak. All I have to do is turn it on and let that great 675cc triple make its happy little Triumph triple noises. And I'm pretty sure my point is made.

But any good bike is more than just how it sounds. It's also how it feels. How it rides. How it handles. What you can do and where you can go with it. And most of all, how you can go with it.

Whether it's a short trip or a long one, one of the coolest things about the Street Triple is that it's just happy to go.

It's a bit like a playful puppy that way; full of energy, eagerly waiting at the door to go out.

It's nimble, it's quick, and you could very easily be incredibly naughty with it if you wanted. But at the same time, you can also ride it like a sedate, community-minded individual through school zones and keep the revs down so you don't disturb the neighbors. And save yourself a bit of fuel economy into the bargain. Bonus!

The Triumph Street Triple contains multitudes, and they're all available to you with a simple twist of the wrist.

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Something I still can't get over, though, is how relatively easy it is to make the Street Triple R that we have very easily go from accommodating my 5-foot-3 frame to my partner's 6-foot-2 one.

All we needed was an adjustable rear suspension linkage (a nice one, not one that's made of silver-painted cheese from the cheapest seller on eBay) and some bar risers, and it's super easy to swap between both of us.

We got it used, from a friend. I'm not sure how this bike started its life almost 10 years ago, but I do know that it was a track machine directly before it came to us. It has a nice dent in its tank, which in a way is a bit of a relief (then you don't have to worry that it's not perfect). 

It's meant for fun, not to sit still and look pretty. It's meant to ride.


But there are track bikes that are only really in their happy place on the track, and there are street bikes that are only really happy on the street.

Not every bike can do both, and not every bike can be just as happy to do day trips up to the Yerkes Observatory as they are to go run a few errands around town. Especially if they're going to also easily accommodate two riders of vastly different heights. 

The saddle, ergonomics, and general character of this bike are just so good. I also can't forget the mirrors, which manage to both look cool and do their job admirably well at showing you what's going on behind you. And they don't vibrate like mad so you can't see anything. Instead, they're super clear and easy to see. 

Is it ideal if you want to tour two-up? Well, that depends on your passenger. I personally wouldn't like it, but that's why I ride my own. Everyone's different. 

As an all-round street bike, though, it's extremely difficult to think of a more well-balanced, more practical machine. Both my partner and I regularly ride other bikes, but this one hits a rare sweet spot that we can both enjoy.

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