Are you looking for a new pair of full gauntlet sport riding gloves, either for street or track day use? If so, you may want to know about REV’IT!’s latest release, the Quantum 2 glove. They’re packed with plenty of features that offer both protection and comfort. Plenty of ventilation will keep you nice and cool under pressure, too—and moisture-wicking fabric inside will keep your hands dry when you need it most. Let’s take a look. 

Going from the outside in, the REV’IT! Quantum 2 gloves utilize 3D air mesh, cowhide leather, goatskin leather, perforated PU-coated fabric, and non-perforated PU-coated fabric in their construction. Seams are stitched on the outside, to prevent any irritation from pressure points inside the finger and hand area. 

TPU protection is present on the knuckles, little finger, palm slider, thumb protector, palm slider, and cuff protector. Additional Temperfoam padding at the knuckles is self-contouring to fit your hand as you wear it, and is available in both solid and perforated versions.  

Gallery: REV'IT! Quantum 2 Gloves

There’s an adjustment strap at the wrist, as well as an adjustment tab at the cuff, and stretchy bits in the fingers so they contour to fit your precise finger shape and size more accurately. The tri-fleece liner inside the gloves gives warmth without unnecessary bulk, and is also moisture-wicking. At the same time, it allows for good ventilation to keep your hands at a comfortable operating temperature while you’re riding. 

The REV’IT! Quantum 2 gloves come in three colorways in 2021: Neon Red and Black, White and Black, or Neon Yellow and Black. Available sizes range from M to XXL. The knuckle protection on the Quantum 2 gloves is level 1 KP certified according to the EN 13594:2015 standard. Pricing is around $199.99, though prices may vary by region, whether you find a good sale, etc. Check your favorite store that sells REV’IT! to see what’s available if you’re interested. 

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