Back during new bike season 2019, Sabrina first asked us all at RideApart a question: what bikes are we most looking forward to seeing in the new year? While we’re still swimming in the halcyon haze of new model announcements, it seems like a simple task, right? I mean, how could the Aprilia RS 660 not have made more than one of our individual 2020 lists?  

I’m not sure if two years makes it a tradition yet, but it’s definitely getting there as we make our 2021 roundups. While some OEMs choose to slap a new coat of paint on models to change them up for the following year, there are always plenty of genuine new excitements to stoke our fires for the coming year. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to in 2021. 

Triumph Trident

2021 Triumph Trident 660

To be completely fair, you probably already know that bikes don’t always give you the same impression in person that they do in carefully lit and edited photos. That said, it’ll be utterly shocking if the all-new Triumph Trident isn’t at least as stunning in person as it is in every photo and video we’ve seen so far. Generally speaking, Triumph’s fit and finish levels are quite high, so there’s no reason to believe that won’t be the case when we get to see one up-close and in person.  

Is it as fun to ride as you’d hope? That’s a thing we don’t know yet, but definitely want to find out. Who wouldn’t like to ride a nice, characterful triple, though? No one I want to know, is the answer. 

BMW G 310 R 

2021 BMW G 310 R - City Riding Alternate

After riding the previous BMW G 310 R, I described it as “the angriest little bee,” and promptly wanted to own one someday. That day hasn’t come yet, but my curiosity about how the new G 310 R one stacks up to the one I rode is definitely high. After the 2021 model launched in Europe, we noted that it wasn’t yet listed on the U.S. website. As of the time of writing, you can still only see the 2020 version, which is essentially the same bike I rode in 2019.  

Whether the U.S. does, in fact, get the 2021 update or not, I’d still be interested in seeing how it stacks up, as well as what those fancy new LED lights are like.  

Kawasaki KLX300 SM 

2021 Kawasaki KLX300SM, Action, Track, Lean Left

While I haven’t bitten the dual-sport bullet yet, I keep finding myself wanting to eventually go that route. Money and space no object, I probably would have already—but alas, practicality. Well before Kawasaki announced the KLX300 SM for 2021, I’ve found myself drawn toward old KLR250s, in particular—so why wouldn’t I also be interested in the KLX300 SM?  

Incidentally, I keep reading the colorway “Fragment Camo Grey” as “Fragrant Camo Grey” and wishing it was scratch-and-sniff, like you rub the tank and instantly smell crisp autumn air and wood fires burning in the distance. Riding this bike and getting those smells without that gimmick is completely within the realm of possibility, though. 

Honda Grom with HRC Kit 

HRC Honda Grom Race Kit Right Side

Sadly, this Honda Grom kit will only be released in Japan, and I don’t currently live there. Still, how much fun would it be to take the updated Honda Grom out at one of the Grom Cup events tentatively scheduled in Japan for 2021? Racing Groms with friends for a laugh was already fun enough, but this one-make series looks like the kind of total blast we could all really use at the end of 2020.  

Honda X-ADV

2021 Honda X-ADV View

While I fully admit that this might be too much scooter for my diminutive self, I would still love the opportunity to try the Honda X-ADV out. Unfortunately, since the U.S. didn’t get the first X-ADV, there’s no reason to expect that we’ll get the updated version, either. While I know I’d end up sticking some luggage on it in order to be happy, there’s something about the look of this moderately adventurish scoot that is very appealing.  

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