Following BMW’s October, 2020, introduction of the 2021 G 310 R in India, we now have the zippy 313cc single’s introduction in the rest of the world. Euro 5 homologation is in full effect, of course, but what else is there to the new model? Let’s take a look. 

As previously discussed, the 2021 model gets LED lighting all around, as well as adjustable brake and clutch levers from the factory. The new 310 R also gets a self-boosting, anti-hopping clutch, which isn’t super surprising since it’s also on the new 310 GS.  

Three colorways are offered for 2021: Cosmic Black, Polar White, and a Sport option that adds red “R” graphics, along with a matching red frame and wheels. All three versions feature engine covers, footrest plates, and rear grab handles in Titanium Grey Metallic.  

2021 BMW G 310 R - Sport - Rider View
2021 BMW G 310 R - Riding Alternate

What about pricing? That will, of course, vary by region. A quick look at a handful of BMW Motorrad regional websites reveals that while some already have the new G 310 R listed—along with commensurate pricing—some still only list the old model. At the time of writing, both the U.S. and Japanese websites currently list the 2020 model and do not display the updated version yet.  

Gallery: 2021 BMW G 310 R

Both the U.K. and Italian websites, however, do show the new 2021 G 310 R. Pricing in the U.K. is £4,875, or about $6,467. Model pricing in different countries rarely works out to a straight conversion, but that’s an approximately $1,522 increase over the 2020 U.S. MSRP of $4,945. Italian pricing for the 2021 model is €5,700, which converts directly to $6,792.  

On the U.S. website, BMW still lists the 2019 G 310 GS as the currently available model, at a price of $5,795. At the time of writing, it hasn’t been updated to reflect either the 2020 or newly redesigned 2021 models. I’ve reached out to BMW to ask about U.S. availability and will update this piece with anything I learn.  

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