Are these considered motorcycles? Are trikes in general counted as bikes? Beats me, all I know is that these Honda ATC110s are super cute, and are looking for a new home. The pair is from 1982, each of which is powered by a 110cc four-stroke engine. Featuring a semi-automatic transmission, the ATC110 was built mostly for off-road utility duties making it a perfect farm companion for hauling small things all over the place.

As evidenced by their thick 22-inch knobby tires, this pair of ATC110s look like they’re perfectly at home for rugged off-road duty. In decent condition, both trikes come equipped with grab rails, CDI ignition, and a rear drum brake. That’s right, each trike comes only with one rear drum brake—granted of course, you’re not going to be ripping through the freeway at 100 miles per hour.

The two little trikes appear to be in relatively good condition with most body panels intact. Finished in red with white and blue decals, the trikes bear the unmistakable Honda aesthetic, although lacking the aggressive supersport styling. That, however, is made up for by a utility basket installed on the front end of one of the trikes. Do note however, that these three-wheelers have seen some miles, as evidenced by a few scratches and corrosion here and there.

1982 Honda ATC110 For Sale
1982 Honda ATC110 For Sale

A few more quirky features include a dual range four-speed transmission which requires the rider to click up and down the gear range with an automatic clutch. The tiny 110cc engine is equipped with an overhead camshaft, CDI, and a pull starter just like your good old lawnmower. As of this writing, the pair, sold only as such, has the highest bid at $5,000.

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