When talking about all the Lenny Long Legs out there, it’s easy to default to dual-sports as the top motorcycle recommendation. After all, the models in that segments usually rank among the tallest bikes on the market. However, what makes a motorcycle good for tall riders isn’t only its seat height—it’s also about real estate, or how much room you have for your giraffic limbs.  

If your adventure bike has a seat height of 35 inches but a really narrow waistline, chances are you’ll feel crammed sitting on it anyway. Then your elbows get caught in your knees or you lose sensation in your feet because your legs are bent at an inhuman angle and we don’t want any of that for you. So, we decided to have a look at some great bikes—adventure and others—that towering riders like you should check out. Keep in mind, however, that the safest way to know whether a bike will fit your profile for sure is to sit on it so get shopping! 

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