We do love a good custom around here, and we also all love tiny motorcycles. Here’s a two-fer: a really lovely restoration of an iconic minibike by L’il Bikes Restoration out of Brownsburg, Indiana. It’s a Z50A Mini Trail, and it comes with a fantastic bonus. It’s for sale, and the proceeds will go to benefit the American Cancer Society.

If you’re familiar with the current Honda Monkey minibike, you should know that its roots are fifty years old and lodged firmly in this little beauty. These bikes never came in this outrageous flamingo pink from the factory (that’s a callout to the cancer benefit), but they did help set the scene for a minibike explosion in the United States.

Honda sold around 100,000 of this particular machine in 1969, officially dubbed the “Mini Trail.” It was reliable, street legal (hey, in the late 60s and early 70s, wasn’t everything?), inexpensive, and absolutely everywhere. The tiny little bikes sold like hotcakes!

We’re returning to that time now, as motorcycle manufacturers realize the demand for smaller bikes never really went away. Finding a small bike like this, new, fifteen or so years ago, was practically impossible. They just weren’t made. These days with bikes like the Grom, the Monkey, and the Z125, the minibike market is heating up all over again.

That makes these little throwbacks super popular again. Owning (and riding) a restored piece of history like this will make you extra popular wherever you show up on it.

You can bid on the bike until October 10, 2019. That bidding is taking place right on the custom shop’s Facebook page, which really could not be easier. You can see who has already bid and where the price is now. As of this publication, the high bid is for $2600; to my mind, a fully restored Z50 should fetch at least that much (and does: google that for yourself). Remember, this little thing can be shipped, so don’t let the location hold you back.

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