If the revamped adorableness of the Honda Monkey 125 has already found its way into your heart, it probably makes you smile whenever you see it. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t you want to see it all the time?

Enter Japanese model manufacturer Tamiya, which plans to release a 1:12 scale Honda Monkey 125 model kit very soon. Originally scheduled for the beginning of June 2019, it’s listed as “not currently available for purchase” on Tamiya’s website. Hopefully that status will change soon—because at a price of $36 USD, you’ll want a red one AND a yellow one.

Honda Monkey 125 rear suspension by Tamiya

Tamiya took the already arguably fun-sized Monkey and shrunk it down into this plastic model kit. The finished object has a length of 142mm, a width of 63mm, and a height of 86mm. That’s just over 5.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 3.4 inches—or perfect to stick on your desk and gaze lovingly toward and wish you were riding while you’re at work all day.

Gallery: Honda Monkey 125 model by Tamiya

Both the light cases and the fenders are metal-plated parts, and the engine, swing arm, front fork, and rear fender are all affixed to the frame using screws to make it extra secure. Additional clear parts, damper springs, vinyl tubing you can use to run appropriate lines, and a sheet filled with tiny, adorable decals are all included in the box.

To complete the project, Tamiya calls for 18 separate paints—eight of which come in 100ml spray cans, and 10 of which come in 10ml bottles. Will you be quicker to assemble and paint all of this than James May? Probably not, since you do still need to let the paint dry at various points during its application. Model assembly is much like motorcycle riding when it’s done right—it’s all about the process, not necessarily the destination.

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