What on earth happened back in the 1980's? It's been said the past is a different country, an idea the big four certainly set out to prove, with bikes with unorthodox designs and styling like the Honda CX650 Turbo, the Suzuki Katana, and the BMW K1. However, one of the craziest bikes from this era has to be the Honda Motocompo and City Turbo II car combination.

The idea was simple. The company would make a small, European sized subcompact car, the City Turbo II, with a trunk designed to fit the Motocompo, the smallest scooter Honda ever ended up producing. making 2.5hp from its 49cc engine, and with a maximum speed of 30mph, the bike certainly wouldn't have set the world on fire, but would have had enough power to satisfy the average inner city commuter. The small size of the Motocompo meant it could be parked up in areas the car couldn't possibly reach.

Honda aggressively marketed the bike from 1981 to 1983, even getting the British Ska band Madness to write some jingles, and create a very questionable music video advertising the bike and car combo.


If you want one of these bikes, they're not easy to find, as Honda only made around 54,000 of them. However, the Motocombo and City Turbo II do come up for sale occasionally, and an example of both the car and bike sold at auction this year for $24,250, quite the bargain!

Motocompo 2
The kit features removable body panels and a mini engine.

Of course if the full size bike is out of your price range, a charming 180 piece wooden model of the little moped is available for the reasonable price of $70.

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