Honda's legendary Cub has spawned more variants, offshoots, submodels, and related products than you could shake a long stick at. There are literally millions of the things out there, and come Judgement Day the only things left on this planet will be cockroaches, Twinkies, and Honda Cubs. Today, while looking around for a combo Cycleweird/WWTF subject, I found a two-fer: an adorable off-road Cub model I'd never heard of and a semi-mythical snow riding kit for said adorable off-road Cub. Friends, let me tell you about the EZ 90 and the EZ-Snow.

Honda launched the EZ 90 in 1991 and sold it all around the world until 1996. It was a dedicated off-roader, for various metrics of the term "off-roader", powered by a 90cc two-stroke mated to an automatic transmission. The entire thing was wrapped up in some very 90s bodywork to hide all the mechanical gubbins, and it was even given an electric start to make it easier to live with. Neat, right?

Honda Cub EZ 90
Honda EZ-Snow

As if that weren't enough, apparently Honda developed a snow riding kit for the EZ 90. There's precious little info out there about the EZ-Snow as the kit was called, and what I did weird graybeards I found in the dark corners of the internet was, well, contradictory. Honda Showed off the EZ-Snow not long after the EZ 90 hit showroom floors and, depending on who you listen to, either never built any, only built bolt-on kits, or made around 250-300 models that were only sold in Japan.


EZ-Snows do exist, as evidenced by the video I've attached here, but it's hard to know whether or not they were built from kits or sold as complete bikes. Whatever they are, it's clear to me that they rule. I mean, the EZ-Snow looks like a whole lot of dumb, cold fun and I really wish I had one. A cursory interwebs search turned up a few EZ 90s for sale out there at pretty reasonable prices, maybe I should pick up a pair for my kids. After that, who knows, maybe I'll find an EZ-Snow kit and we'll never have to stop riding.

Source: Bike-Urious

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