We aim to do a lot of things with this young website of ours and one of those things is to help you become an even better rider than you already are. To that aim, we share our best riding tips of 2013.

Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

1) How To Ride a Motorcycle In The Rain

What You’ll Learn: What to watch out for on the road, what gear will make your task easier and the riding techniques we advise to keep you safe. (Read more)

What We Say: Riding in the rain is not as scary as you think. Nail down these helpful techniques, add some specialized gear to your closet and with a little practice, you can be just as comfortable riding in the wet as you are when the sky is clear.

Advice From The RA Community: Nathaniel Salzman says, “In the rain more than ever, it's important to keep your tires in the two tracks where automotive tires usually travel. Between the tires is where the oil has been dripping out of their engines. Be especially careful not to cross that center part of the lane just after bumps or rises in the road, as that's when oil most often shakes loose.”

Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

2) How To Ride A Motorcycle At Night

What You’ll Learn: We give you a list of the dangers that really lurk in the night and tell you how to avoid them. Plus we teach you the art of properly adjusting your headlight so it illuminates the areas where you need it most.

(Read more)

What We Say: You’ll be amazed at what upgrading and properly adjusting your headlight will do for your nighttime riding confidence.

Advice From The RA Community: Martin says, “I'm a big fan of giving the high beams a couple of quick flashes when approaching intersections at night.”

Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

3) 8 Ways To Stay Under The Radar

What You’ll Learn: We tell you what lane to put your bike in to stay clear of tickets. Plus eight other things you may not have considered before that can keep the radar gun pointed elsewhere. (Read more)

What We Say: We know that some habits are hard to break, but hanging out in the right lane has its merits too. After you’ve read this article, you might think twice about using the fast lane so freely.

Advice From The RA Community: Scott Jones says, “But what if you get pulled? When the cop turns on the lights signal him with a wave or an OK to let him know you see him and are complying. Pull over quickly but do it smoothly and safely, use your blinker. Turn the bike off and pull off your lid.”

4) How To Ride A New Race Track For The First Time

What You’ll Learn: We show you the quickest way to get up to speed to tackle a new-to-you race track by deftly using the Internet. Plus, we tell you why its wise to take it easy on the throttle till you really are confident enough and safe enough to open it up in this new environment.

(Read more)

What We Say: Don’t commit to a corner at 100 percent until you know you’ve got it down. That will take time, likely even multiple track visits. Dig in for the long haul and think improvement over time, not fastest rider out on day one.

Advice From The RA Community: Rocket Punch says, “Don't talk about getting Rossi like precision, don't talk about lap times and most importantly don't see "knee dragging" as a goal."

5) 8 Ways to Make Your Motorcycle More Visible

What You’ll Learn: The art of tapping your brakes, reflective tape done well and why the color of your bike and your gear matters when it comes to a motorists perceptions of you. But, paying attention to things like blind spot awareness is also key, even if you are covered head to toe in neon. (Read more)

What We Say: You don’t need to look like you just walked off the set of Tron to be visible on the road.

Advice From The RA Community: Miles Prower says, “The first thing I do when I get a new motorcycle is install a brake light modulator. A modulator rapidly blinks the brake light for a second or two (before going to steady on) when the brake is applied.”

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Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

6) How To Pull A Bike Out Of Deep Gravel, Sand Or Mud

What You’ll Learn: We give you three options on how to safely and quickly maneuver your bike through gravel, sand or mud when the situation presents itself. (Read more)

What We Say: Don’t get stuck in the mud, just do The Paddle, The Pull or The Push. We show you how.

Advice From The RA Community: Kevin says, “If I could add something, I'd say the best possible way to handle gravel is to take a little extra effort when parking the bike so that it is pointed in the right direction to ride it out when you leave...

Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

7) How To Stay Comfortable On Long Motorcycle Rides

What You’ll Learn: Nine tried and true things you can do to give yourself more comfort in the saddle during those extra long rides. (Read more)

What We Say: We show you how altering your ergonomics and your aerodynamics can significantly increase your distance tolerance. Plus, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Advice From The RA Community: Eric Shay says, “I've found that wearing a backpack keeps my back straighter, and more comfortable.”

Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

8) How To Ford Deep Water On A Dirt Bike

What You’ll Learn: How not to stall your bike or find yourself in the creek when crossing deep water on the road less traveled. (Read more)

What We Say: We’ll show you how to choose the best entry and exit path, how fast to go and where to put your body weight.

Advice From The RA Community: DaveDawsonAlaska says, “Hit the kill switch before you go under. Hope the air filter stops any sand or mud from being sucked in.”

Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

9) How To: Ride in Low Sun

What You’ll Learn: We tell you when you are least visible to motorists, where to position your bike in the lane to raise your profile and what time of day to absolutely avoid riding if at all possible. (Read more)

What We Say: Low sun can be more hazardous when you are on a bike but we can put the odds in your favor.

Advice From The RA Community: Kevin says, “Stay to the outside of the lane when stopping - I would do this 100% of the time you're on the road. Pattern recognition habits make motorcycles almost invisible when the brain expects to see a car. Move to the edge of the lane and you actually become more visible as you break the pattern recognition mold.”

Our Best Riding Tips of 2013

10) How To Save a Motorcycle Slide

What You’ll Learn: How to react and gain control when a tire looses traction and you find yourself in a slide.

(Read more)

What We Say: Practice makes perfect. Repetition reduces fear, so get out on an old dirt bike and low-speed slide till you can ride it out every time.

Advice From The RA Community: RyanO says, “Ride it out and slide it LIKE A BOSS!”

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