Carbon fiber is among the lightest and strongest materials in motorsports circles. Whether you’re shedding grams for the racetrack or traveling across the globe, a lightweight and durable helmet can be an irreplaceable companion. However, strength and mass aren’t the only features riders need. Comfort, ventilation, and safety are just as important and Scorpion prioritizes them all with the EXO-ST1400 Carbon.

Of course, when a helmet is constructed of carbon fiber, many people ask for its weight first. At 1,451 grams (3.2 pounds), Scorpion uses Thermodynamic Composite Technology to infuse the carbon fiber with resin. The result is an aerodynamic shell that maximizes ventilation while minimizing turbulence.

Inside the shell, the EXO-ST1400 Carbon boasts an antimicrobial liner that’s easily removed, washed, or replaced. With three shell shapes spanning the six overall sizes from XS to XXL, users can also tailor the helmet’s fit to their head shape with Scorpion’s AirFit inflation system. The sculpted cheek pads accept sunglasses and the comm-ready pockets are already shaped to accommodate your favorite Bluetooth communication system.

Gallery: Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon

Using Scorpion’s Elip-Tec mechanism, one can effortlessly replace the ST1400’s visor without the aid of tools. Perfect for transitioning from day to night riding, the shield system also includes Pinlock technology to eliminate internal fogging. Coupled with vents at the crown, chin, and rear exhaust port, the breath deflector and chin curtain help stabilize the air that’s constantly funneling through the carbon fiber helmet.

Scorpion’s EXO-ST1400 is both DOT and ECE certified and backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Standard black and matte black version retail for $399.95 while graphic trims will cost a bit more at $429.95. The EXO-ST1400 proves that a pretty carbon fiber exterior isn’t everything, it’s what’s inside that counts as well.

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