You’ve never had as many motorcycle luggage choices as you do today. All that choice is nice, but as anyone who has ever been overwhelmed by the thought of so many options can tell you, it can also be a bit much. Once you start thinking about must-haves on whatever you’re looking for, though, it becomes easier to narrow your choices down to a reasonable amount. 

For example, panniers and top cases are definitely nice, but they don’t work very well (or even at all) as backpacks. If you’re looking for a bag that can do double-duty as a waterproof tail pack while also nestling snugly on your back or shoulder for off-bike transport, you might want to see Kappa’s latest offering, the RAW409. 

It’s not an off-brand homicidal robot. The Kappa RAW409 is a handy, 45-liter tailbag, constructed of 840D TPU that was tarpaulin-welded at high frequency during the construction process. It’s equipped with padded shoulder straps so you can wear it as a backpack, and also features double handles so you can carry it around by hand. As you can see in the photos, there’s also an internal pocket to hold smaller items securely, as well as an exterior name tag pocket. The fabric also features a reflective print for added visibility, on or off the bike. Finally, it comes with four belt straps to help you attach it securely to your bike. 

Gallery: Kappa RAW409 Tailbag

It seems like the perfect size for a weekend getaway if used alone, and also like it could be a versatile piece of a wider assortment that you’d carry on a longer trip. It’s available in one colorway at the moment, which is a silvery-gray with black straps and accents. Pricing and availability will likely vary by dealer, but it looks to retail for around US $93. Check with your favorite Kappa retailer for price and availability information in your region. 

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