Let’s say you’ve decided that you need to get out of town for the weekend. Naturally, you’re doing so on your bike, and lucky for you, you’ve got ample luggage to carry your necessities. You know, a few changes of clothes, toiletries, maybe a sleeping bag, maybe even a few snacks.  

No matter what the weather is doing, you’re definitely going. Are your bags waterproof? As long as you have a set of dry bags like this handy new setup from Vanucci, it won’t even matter. These bags come in 5, 10, and 25-liter sizes to keep all your non-puncture-inducing items safe and dry throughout your trip.  

They’re dead simple to use, with compression valves that allow you to squeeze all the air out after you’ve loaded them. Just think about the last close call you had in traffic and squeeze all the air (and frustration) away! Soon, your clothes, your sleeping bag, and anything else you absolutely need and wish to keep dry will be safe and secure until you take them out of your luggage. 

Gallery: Vanucci Compression Dry Bags

These bags also feature roll-down closures at either end, for added ease of use. The 5-liter measures 28 centimeters by 18 centimeters. The 10-liter is 40 cm by 22 cm, and the large 25-liter is 61 cm by 24 cm. Prices vary by shop that carries Vanucci products, but are pretty reasonable, assuming they work as well as you’d hope.  

Retailer Louis seems to stock Vanucci across Europe, and the 5-liter starts at €14.99, which is just under US $17 at the time of writing. Meanwhile, the 10-liter is €19.99, or $22.50, and the 25-liter is €29.99, or $34. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a reasonable price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing you can ride through torrential rains and still have some dry clothes to put on when you get to wherever you’re going. 

This isn’t a review, so we can’t promise you anything, but it seems like a solid premise if these bags work as advertised. 

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