French motorcycle helmet manufacturer HJC jumped on the modern-vintage bandwagon with the introduction of its all-new V90 modular helmet with a retro-inspired bubble shield.  

The helmet’s design itself isn’t so vintage—at least, not compared to designs other manufacturers such as Bell and Biltwell have to offer, with the perfectly round and smooth shell and snap-on visor. It seems, however, that HJC isn’t willing to compromise on comfort and breathability for the sake of looks. The massive air vent on the forehead that gives the lid a more contemporary silhouette ensures there is plenty of air circulation inside the helmet—something these “properly” retro design tend to lack. There’s a second air duct on the chin bar and an exhaust duct on the back of the head.   

The helmet is modular so the chin bar can be lifted and secured on the forehead. The V90’s most striking feature is of course the bubble visor which gives it that retro look. The XD-14 shield reflects up to 99 percent of UV rays and provides optimal peripheral visibility and uses a rapidfire system that makes removing and replacing the shield quick and easy.   

On the inside, the comes with a retractable, fog-treated sun visor paired with an easy-to-operate mechanism located on the side of the head. The lining is antibacterial and moisture-wicking and all the padding can be removed for washing. The design also allows for the retrofitting of a Smart HJC Bluetooth communication device and grooves in the lining on the sides of the head allow riders with eyewear to easily insert their glasses.  

The outer shell is made of an advanced polycarbonate composite to help keep the helmet lightweight and is available in two sizes. The V90 is available in six sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. Pricing for the HJC V90 varies between $319.99 and $329.90 and is available now from online retailers.   

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