2019 was the year of smart . It seems like new startups appeared every few weeks on crowdfunding platforms with high-tech lids loaded down with outrageous features that would make a Tesla green with envy. The only downside to that tech hype? Most of these exciting new products are still at the pre-order phase and even fewer have made it at the production stage.  

If you never bought into the smart helmet fad but would like to enjoy some of the features these futuristic lids have to offer, you can! There are a few lids on the market that come already set up with their own integrated that you can buy now! No need to preorder and wait months to get your production (if it even makes it to production). These helmets are available for purchase right now. Here are five great motorcycle helmets with integrated Bluetooth.   

5 Motorcycles Helmets With Integrated Bluetooth System

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