Being highly visible while riding your motorcycle is one of the many ways you can make sure that other road users are aware of your presence. As unsexy as it looks, brightly-colored riding gear is one option to consider—let those bright oranges and yellows shine through! Owning a Shark Skwal helmet is another option.  

Shark introduced the Skwall street helmet a few years ago, armed with a and LED lighting system that highlights the vents and the visor mechanisms to help make the riders who wear it easier to spot. Then in 2019, the manufacturer introduced a new, updated version of its light-up design, with improved aerodynamics thanks to the addition of a spoiler, and more importantly, bigger, more visible LEDs.  

Until now, the lighting system was only available in a lime green hue but Shark has now introduced a new version of the helmet with white lighting, paired with a matte grey shellThe lighting system can last somewhere around eight hours in the continuous lighting setting or up to twelve hours on the blinking setting. Once the batteries run out, they can be recharged using a USB cable (included with the helmet)The light pods are located on the forehead, on the chin, and on the back of the head—like headlights and taillights. 

The helmet itself is DOT-certified, of course, and features a thermoplastic shell, multi-density EPS protectors, an integrated sun visor, as well as a bamboo-treated interior liner. Two air intakes on the forehead and the chin and two extractors on the back of the head ensure proper air circulation. The helmet is also Sharktooth intercom-ready thanks to a convenient cutout.  

The Shark Skwal2 with either green or white LEDs is available and pricing starts at $259.99.

Source: Shark  

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