Shark Helmets added a new model to its 2020 Discovery modular lid lineup—the EVO-ES. If you are a modular helmet enthusiast, chances are that you heard about the Shark EVO products in which case you know that EVO has built a pretty solid reputation in the segment.

The ES is the more affordable version of the popular EVO-ONE 2 and offers most of the same features with a few tweaks to lower the price point. The outer shell is made of injected thermoplastic resin available in two sizes while protection is provided by a layer of multi-density EPS. There are three air intakes and two exhaust vents. On the inside, the lining is designed with a cut-out to receive a Sharktooth comm system. 

Like on the EVO-ONE 2, the ES features Shark’s patented Auto-Up and Auto-Down system that automatically lifts and lowers the visor when you reposition the chin piece. The visor is fog and scratch-resistant and there’s an integrated sun visor. Shark’s Easy Fit system ensures that glasses can be comfortably worn inside the helmet. The “bird eyes” lining is removable and machine washable. 

Those among you who like a neatly-built modular helmet will agree: one of the EVO lineup’s best features is the chin piece placement once you lift it. Instead of sitting on the forehead like on a lot of modular models, on the EVO, the chin piece clips at the helmet’s crown so that it’s completely out of the way turning into a sort of spoiler-looking design feature. No unnecessary weight at the front of the helmet and no ruining the shell’s aerodynamic properties.  

At the moment, the new Shark EVO-ES isn’t listed on the company’s U.S. website but considering the rest of the EVO lineup is, there’s a possibility we’ll see the ES make its way stateside. 

Source: Shark Helmets

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