We live in an interconnected world of data systems, social networks, and personal apps. It seems like all of our personal information has been digitized and shared through today’s various technologies. However, when your devices are inaccessible, retrieving such information is practically impossible. 

In the event of a motorcycle crash, accessible medical files can mean the difference between life and death. French motorcycle equipment brand Racer specializes in gloves that allow emergency services to pull up a patient’s medical history even if their phone is locked. With a capital increase from LinkSport Capital and 123IM, the company looks to expand globally.

Racer teamed up with ID1 e-health devices to produce the smart gloves, a pair of gloves that is driving LinkSport and 123IM’s investment. Each pair comes with an individualized QR code that connects directly to the owners medical records. By scanning the QR code on the cuff of the glove, first responders can access the patient’s allergies, blood type, and alert family members.

LinkSport and 123IM’s funding will drive the brand’s research & development, range diversification, and global expansion—specifically in Canada, Asia, and Europe. 

“Today, with our new partner 123 IM, we will be able to accelerate our growth and conquer new markets in personal protection,” said Racer’s Managing Director David Dubruque, “but always with the commitment to promote more responsible fashion.”

Established in 1927, the French glove maker mainly produced ski products before broadening its lineup to include motorcycling gear. For the past 22 years, the brand has been owned by Upperside Capital Partners before 123IM’s recent acquisition. Managed by Dubruque and Florent Katchikian since 2014, Racer now offers cycling and horse riding gloves and 123IM sees a lot of potential for the French outfitter.

Will Racer’s QR code technology make it into other gloves on the market? Will the French brand bring its responsible fashion stateside? We’ll have to see how 123IM’s investment impacts the brand over time but it’s an encouraging prospect for this connected world. 

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