Is it time for a gear checkup in your moto closet? If it is, and you find yourself contemplating an all-weather touring jacket, you might want to take a look at Swiss company IXS’ newest offering—the Tour Jacket Powells-ST. 

This textile jacket features two liners that do two different things. The first liner features IXS’ proprietary solto-TEX membrane. This is the bit meant to keep you dry, so it’s nice to have whether you also want to be extra toasty at the same time. Underneath that, there’s a removable thermal lining, so you can layer up or down according to your temperature needs while still staying dry no matter what. 

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This jacket also features plenty of adjustability, with width adjusters at upper arms, elbow, and waist, and a height adjuster at your waist as well. There’s also a snap button hip adjuster. You get six outside pockets and one Napoleon pocket to keep things like your wallet and phone dry. Six different vents flow air where you need it. Level 1 shoulder, elbow, and back protectors are all included. 

One very small feature that I personally appreciate is the adjustable collar with magnetic closure. IXS isn’t alone in offering this feature, of course, but frankly, I wish more gear makers would offer this as well. Snaps aren’t terrible, but I’d much rather have magnets (or snaps) than Velcro any day. If you wear base layers and/or balaclavas, Velcro is terrible for collar and wrist closures on jackets, so good on IXS for sticking magnets in the collar of this jacket. 

The Tour Jacket Powells-ST comes in your choice of five color combinations, from ultra hi-viz yellow and black, to your choice of black and white, black and yellow, black and red, or all black. MSRP is listed as US $279.95 on the IXS site, but it specifies that VAT is included in that calculation, and shipping is extra. If you’re in Germany, shipping is free. 

Source: IXS

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