Whenever you go bike shopping in this day and age, you probably search the internet far and wide for reviews of the bikes you have in mind. As with all things on the internet, the quality of these reviews is, shall we say, variable, to put it nicely. Don't worry, though. We've found one video that sums up pretty much every single motorcycle review ever.

YouTuber MotoChooch had absolutely nothing to do with the making of this review on his channel. He had left the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE he was reviewing unattended, as well as his camera. His girlfriend and another friend decided to pick up the camera and shoot a review of their own.

While this review focuses specifically on the Triumph, it pretty much speaks for every motorcycle on the market today. She notes the presence of "buttons and stuff that do things," which are a must on any motorcycle. Without buttons and stuff, how would we do the things that we do, like go, stop, honk the horn at bad drivers, or pop a mad wheelie?

Of particular interest on this bike is the "gas tank floppy thing." Not all motorcycles are equipped with this feature. It's handy to keep the gas cap from walking away and hopping a bus ride to Detroit while you're filling your tank.

In addition to talking about the bike's features, she also hops on and discusses the riding position. This bike is clearly way too tall because her right leg can't reach the ground, and clearly, this reviewer is the be-all, end-all of motorcycle opinions. Once she puts her foot on the peg, however, she points out the perfect right angle that this riding position puts her leg into. This is important, for some reason or another.

Clearly, this video is not supposed to be taken seriously. It does, however, capture many of the tropes that motorcycle reviews often fall into, and we're no exception. It's healthy to laugh at ourselves once in a while, even (or especially) if we're the ones being made fun of.

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