GoGo Gear is a Los Angeles-based company that markets a small collection of kevlar motorcycle gear. Its most popular product is the kevlar legging for women, a model that’s proven its efficiency a number of times according to the customers who sadly ended up testing the product first hand.

The collection stands out in its simplicity—a range of all-black riding gear that banks on comfort and safety rather than crazy patterns and graphics. Part of the collection is also the mysterious kevlar hoodie. It seriously looks like a regular hoodie but there’s more to it than meets the eye, so when creator and owner of the company Arlene Battishill offered to send us one, it peeked my curiosity.

Kevlar is a precious material when it comes to motorcycle safety. It’s a high-strength, high-resistance synthetic fabric that’s also heat resistant. The material was invented in the 60s to be used in tires. It has since found a number of different applications, including bulletproof vests and, of course, this hoodie. In fact, though the outer layer of the hoodie is made of cotton, there is a thin underlayer of kevlar. This makes the jacket extra resistant against friction in case of a fall.

The kevlar hoodie is a casual take on the standard riding jacket. The thing that surprised me the most about the GoGo Gear kevlar hoodie is just how soft it is. Aside from looking like you’ve been hitting the gym, this hoodie is the ninja of motorcycle gear and most people won’t even notice you’re actually padded everywhere—in fact, the hoodie is padded at the shoulders, at the elbows and forearms, and even in the back with high-density foam and it barely shows.

The jacket is lightweight and flexible—it barely feels like you are wearing any gear at all. The cut is loose and cozy, which is extremely comfortable to wear, but also means the pads could shift in case of a fall. The ribbed elastic bands at the wrists and at the waist are comfortable and tucking my gloves inside my sleeves has been no issues.

I received the hoodie in September and got to enjoy a few days of nice weather on the bike—by nice weather, I don’t mean warm. I noticed right away just how breathable the jacket is, which is a great asset in the heat of the summer, but not so much when the temperature drops. It also doesn’t have a proper collar, which means the throat is exposed, something to keep in mind. The outer cotton layer isn’t wind- or waterproof, so I would definitely recommend keeping this hoodie for sunny summer day rides—it is most likely well ventilated enough to keep you from boiling in your gear when standing in the sun.

Otherwise, I found the hoodie’s flexibility to be a perk while riding as it feels a lot less restrictive than a standard nylon jacket. The pads are easy to remove, meaning you can just throw the jacket in the washing machine and was it like you would wash any other clothes. I can also see this jacket being easy to travel with, whether you choose to wear it on the plane or roll it into your luggage.

Frankly, for $139, I think this GoGo Gear hoodie is worth the money. The price isn’t greedy and definitely not as steep as some other riding jackets. For riders who have to deal with winter, if you plan to stretch your season, you might want to look into getting a warmer jacket, but this is one any rider will be happy to have in the closet. It can be ordered online via the GoGo Gear website.

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