Where do you stow your gear when you park your bike? The PacSafe StuffSafe 80 provides an 80-liter dry bag covered in a lockable metal security net, which then securely attaches to your bike with a cable. Does it work? Find out in this PacSafe StuffSafe 80 review.

The Gear

The physical security provided by the thin metal net and its small lock is limited — anyone with a decent set of shears could get into it — so think of the StuffSafe more as security against opportunistic theft and the elements. And, at that, it excels.

With a capacity of 80 liters, I was able to comfortably fit my riding boots, full-face helmet, gloves, armored leather jacket and even a half-packed Kriega US-20 tailpack. Fitting all that for the first time proved awkward (riding gear is surprisingly bulky), but once everything’s in, you just cinch it up, run the cable through a hard part on your bike and lock it up. Make sure the pack is clear of any hot exhaust pipes, brake discs or similar.

The whole shebang folds into an included “sheath” which is small enough to easily carry with you in a backpack, tailpack, under a generously-sized seat or even in a large jacket pocket.

PacSafe StufSafe 80

PacSafe StufSafe 80

The Good

Packs up small, unfolds large enough to hold a ton of stuff.

Convenient security that’s easy to take with you and easy to use.

Can hold a full set of riding gear and maybe even a little more.

Low key looks obscure valuable contents.

Keeps your gear safe from the elements and critters too. No rain or scorpions getting in here.

PacSafe StufSafe 80 lock

PacSafe StufSafe 80 lock

The Bad

While better than nothing, the level of security provided by the StuffSafe is limited. We wouldn’t want to rely on it in a high crime environment.

The lock itself is very small and wouldn’t be a match for even a small pair of bolt cutters.

Fitting a full set of riding gear can be a bit like playing Tetris; there’s enough room, but only if you pack everything carefully.

The Verdict

The StuffSafe offers a convenient way to stow gear on your bike in a fairly secure manner. That’s particularly convenient when parking where it would be a hassle to bring your gear with you — say a restaurant or, for me, when I go bouldering in Joshua Tree — but ultimately it doesn’t offer the same security as a locking top box or panniers.

More Product Information: PacSafe StuffSafe

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