Looking out and seeing rain before you go to work is never good, but it doesn't have to ruin your day. By simply adding a rain suit to you gear closet, you can adapt your existing equipment to suit inclement weather, often for not a lot of money. Here's the best motorcycle rain suits for commuters on the market right now.

Top Motorcycle Rain Suits For Commuters - Don't Go To Work Wet

Rev'It Pacific H20 Rain Suit - $119.99

The Rev'it Pacific H20 Rain Suit is a fantastic option if you aren't looking to spend a ton of money. It's a one-piece shell, meaning that it's meant to be worn over your existing protective gear. It features an internal gaiter up to the waist, so any water pooling in your lap won't be able to get in. The exterior is made up of what Rev'It calls "power nylon," while the inside has a PVC coating they swear won't stick to your skin. All of the seams are fully taped and the zipper is covered by a full length rain gutter as it's the area most susceptible to water getting into the suit. With all of that, plus the additions of reflective paneling, a micro-fleece liner at the collar, zipper garages for the zippers, and a storage pocket on the leg, this is the perfect option for something you might keep in a backpack or top case for when you get caught out in the rain. Comes in all black and Hi-Viz.

Top Motorcycle Rain Suits For Commuters - Don't Go To Work Wet

Motoport Aero-Tex Rain Pant ($99) and Aero-Tex Rain Jacket ($169)

If you've ever met someone who wears Motoport Gear, you know that they're almost as insufferable in their public worship as Apple nerds. The Motoport Aero-Tex Rain Pant and Jacket bring an incredible amount of features for a fairly low price. Motoport have their own patented Aero-Tex liner which has zero polyurethane (Goretex has about 20%) that is said to be more breathable than any other waterproof material on the market. All of the seams are double stitched and sealed from the inside and the jacket uses heavy duty YKK zippers as well as double flap, Velcro rain gutters to keep the water out. Any order can be customized to fit you perfectly, and the Velcro adjustments at the collar, base, and hem all help tailor the fit for specific weather conditions. The Aero-Tex jacket comes with a micro-fleece lining and reflective piping, and is available in a number of colors. The only downside we see here is in this being a two-piece suit, leaving a large area at the waist in which water can get underneath the waterproof layer. The Aero-Tex jacket and pant are also sans armor and will need to be worn over other protective gear.

Top Motorcycle Rain Suits For Commuters - Don't Go To Work Wet

Aerostitch Roadcrafter Light - $767

We're huge fans of the incredible value we find in the Aerostitch Roadcrafter line. Yes, $767 is a ton of money, but after hearing countless stories about people wearing them for over 10 years and just having to repair them upon a crash instead of replace them, that starts to sound a lot more like a good investment than a bloated price. The Roadcrafter Light is made from a lighter weight shell which is about 2/3 as abrasive resistant as the regular Roadcrafter, but retaining Aerostich's excellent armor, making it the best option in their line for commuting. The Roadcrafter Light is packed with features like waterproof zippers, a fold down collar, integrated boot rain covers, and even chest impact protectors. Pair that with the inclusion of integrated armor, so that you don't have to wear a separate jacket underneath, and a number of large vents, so you can wear it year round and the Roadcrafter is capable of meeting your commuting needs during all times of the year. It comes in a variety of colors, and is customizable with a number of extra features or to your specific sizing. RideApart's Wes Siler loves his, read our review here.

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