The ICON 1000 Truant Boots blend style and substance seamlessly, pairing a steel shank in the sole and full grain leather chassis with beautifully understated aesthetics. Want to keep your feet safe and look cool? The Truants are for you.

The Boot

The ICON 1000 Truant Boots, along with the Elsinore and El Bajo, make up ICON’s 1000 line; an understated, high quality collection designed for people who aren’t ICON’s typical buyer.

Gear: ICON 1000 Truant Boots – Sneaker-Style Safety

The sneaker-style Truant Boots are composed of a 100% full-grain leather upper and slip-resistant rubber sole. They are secured by a semi-covered lacing system and adjustable leather stabilization strap.

Protection comes in the form of a reinforced toe box and steel shank running the length of the rubber sole, and hard, internal inserts at the top of the ankle.

A pair of Truant Boots retail for $200 and are available in “Johnny Black” and “Oiled Brown.”

Gear: ICON 1000 Truant Boots – Sneaker-Style Safety

The Good

Truant Boots are comfortable from the moment you first put them on. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks during errands around town and even had them on for 800 miles of road to Yosemite and back, and not once have my feet been uncomfortable. The fit is true to size and a 10 fit me spot on.

They’re also nice looking. ICON’s branding is understated and the leather feels very high quality. The only thing that really tips them off as motorcycle-specific are the ribbed pieces over the toe box, which aid in traction against the shift lever.

They offer a lot of protection for a riding sneaker due to the steel shank in the sole, the heavy leather and the stabilization strap all designed to keep your foot safe and inside the boot should you crash. The toe box is rigid, but still offers some flex.

These full leather uppers are also perforated, allowing for some air-flow. The Truant’s don’t flow as much air as the Dainese Technical Sneakers while riding, but they also don’t turn into foot sweaters like the Technical Sneakers when off the bike.

Gear: ICON 1000 Truant Boots – Sneaker-Style Safety

The Bad

They’re larger than normal sneakers and look clunky under jeans, which is exacerbated even further if you wear skinny jeans.

Real motorcycle boots are always going to out-perform any sneaker-style boot because they will offer maximum protection.

Gear: ICON 1000 Truant Boots – Sneaker-Style Safety

The Verdict

The ICON 1000 Truant Boots surprised me with their high quality feel, comfortable fit, and thoughtful safety features. These are the best we’ve seen so far in the “riding sneaker” category and could really only be improved upon if ICON found a way to slim them down without losing their ability to keep your feet safe.

Additional Product Information: Closeup: ICON 1000 Truant Boots

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