Designed with the help from Moto GP Champion, Valentino Rossi, the AGV Pista GP helmet is pure track performance to make your commute even more enjoyable.

AGV Pista GP Helmet

Gear of the Day: AGV Pista GP Helmet

The AGV Pista GP helmet was designed with the help of Valentino Rossi, and brings a number of revolutionary upgrades over standard shaped helmets. The Pista GP is a project that started in 2009 with the soul purpose of creating a track focused helmet for those weekend track junkies. The helmet itself has a radical shape, which completely changes the way the helmet handles the wind at speed, and we’re already seeing companies like Shoei moving their helmets in that direction. The field of vision is 15° wider and the total area of the visor window is 9% larger than the previous helmet, without compromising it's level of protection. The interior of the helmet itself has been shaped to match Rossi’s head; a technology that, while not currently available, is getting a whole lot closer with 3D printing. We can’t wait to see what helmets look like in a few years based on the work that AGV has begun here. $1399.95

If you're looking to nerd out and really dive into what AGV undertook in creating the Pista GP you can check out their dedicated website, Italian Legendary Protection.

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