UK-made helmet is company’s first full-face lid

UK-based Davida released its first ever full-face helmet at EICMA this week. The gorgeously retro-inspired Koura helmet is already certified for European use and is soon to receive DOT approval as well.

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Davida is based in Birkenhead, England, where all of its helmets are handmade. The helmets are incredibly good looking and high-quality, but I’ve never owned one because I’m a full-face snob (I’m ugly enough already; I don’t need to risk making things worse), and hitherto the company has only offered three-quarter options. That's changed with the Koura.

This full-face helmet is the result of coordination between Davida’s technical team and Italian MotoGP and F1 racing helmet designers. That's the same team that created the worn-by-every-hipster-in-Britain Speedster V3 helmet in 2016

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The Koura offers “an uncompromising fusion of innovative design, exceptional ergonomics and superior comfort,” according to Davida.

Davida Reveals Awesome Full-Face Koura Helmet

“Achieving road safety standards is the start of our design process, it’s not the finishing line,” explained company founder David Fiddaman.“We always work to extend the design boundaries above and beyond what you would conventionally find. Introducing a full face helmet marks a new era for us. delivers everything you’d demand from a high-performance motorcycle helmet together with the level of quality and integrity Davida helmets are known for… It’s beautiful, yet aggressive.”

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The helmet will be available with an optional shell made from T700-grade racing carbon fiber. Sculptured upward from front to rear to eliminate clothing interference and available in 20 colors, it has six chin air vents to help ventilate the visor.

<em>The helmets are handmade in England.</em>


Set to be rolled out in early 2018, the Koura is priced at £435 (about US $570) in its home country.

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