For Justin Webster, it all began in college when he picked up his first Honda CB750. It was a matter of practicality—he couldn't afford a new bike so, of course, he built one. And to hear him tell it in the opening moments of the video below, he "fell in love with the old vintage Hondas and it just kind of spiraled out of control from there."

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Justin and his team love crafting bikes and parts, and doing it without sending unnecessary overhead: "There's no reason for us to work out of a big shop, that just increases overhead, and that overhead ends up getting brought down on to our end consumer...there's really no reason to not do it out of my house."

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1976 CB750F: Project Shinobi

1976 CB750F: Project Shinobi

This DIY, love-of-the-bikes attitude allows J. Webster Designs to create parts and motorcycles that are "like nothing else on the market."

To learn more about Justin, check out his latest projects and even download a parts manual or two at:

Be sure to also check out the J. Webster Designs Facebook page for project and part updates, as well as some great photos of the process.

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Awesome, Vintage-Minded Innovation at J. Webster Designs

Awesome, Vintage-Minded Innovation at J. Webster Designs
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