To be competitive in Formula 1, you have to spend a very large fortune. Precious tenths of seconds cost millions of dollars, and the sport gets more and more expensive with each passing year.  

That's why all Formula 1 teams rely on sponsorships and partnerships with outside companies, as those cash infusions can help keep a driver in the points or on the podium. But with those partners also come required photo ops with the drivers showcasing brand deals. It's a perk for said companies while giving those teams all those sweat, sweat R&D dollars.

Yet, every so often, you get a campaign that just doesn't jive with the driver, as is the case with McLaren's Lando Norris and Pure scooters. I mean, does that man look happy at all? No, he does not. 

The picture, which is an official picture from the Pure campaign with McLaren, is just Lando looking dead inside and someone behind the camera snapping the picture anyway. And what's especially funny is that Lando is a pretty animated guy. He's not like Kimi Räikkönen, the stoic Finn famed for his one-word answers and dead-pan face.

But it seems like he did not want to be there for picture day.

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As for the campaign itself, Pure's scooter collab with McLaren states, "Pure and McLaren have joined forces with an exclusive partnership, bringing you the Pure x McLaren 2024 collection. The e-ride of choice among F1's elite."

The partnership itself involves three different colorways, including Papaya Orange, Matte Black, and a Senna-inspired livery of yellow and green. The latter of which was a limited edition and sold out within minutes of dropping. As for specs, the scooters also have a 31-mile range from their 710-watt battery, and are IP65-rated for classic British weather. 

Of those McLaren editions you can still purchase, the Papaya and Matte Black, they'll set you back £799 ($1,012 at today's current exchange rate) each.

No word on whether you'll also receive a copy of Lando's A+ class picture, though.

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