Everyone loves a Honda Grom. They're cute, fun, and stupid simple to modify. There are whole communities devoted to modified Groms and insane Grom builds, as they're the fun lovers of the scooter world. 

But I'm afraid to say, the Grom is now out. Banished. Gone forever.

Though the Grom is still all those things, they just can't compete with these insane scooter builds that are one part Vespa scooter, three parts Mad Max, and all parts "What the hell is going on?!" 

Let me introduce you to the positively psychotic culture of slammed trike-like scooter choppers, which is a wild sentence to write. 

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Allow me to state right from the get-go, I have no context for this culture, other than it's modded Vespas out of Indonesia and I'm fully for it. I don't know how it came to be, why, or even really how they've developed any of these, but I'd love to know more.

The clip that first drew me to this insanity was the Instagram Reel seen above, featuring a trike-like creation with the biggest Ape Hangers I've ever seen. They legit seem to stretch on forever. 

And then you see the four wheels in the back and the rider sitting on what appears to be a truck-bed platform type thing. I have zero idea where the controls are, or how those bars even work, but hot damn is everything cool as hell. 

There's also a 9-wheeled pink machine with a dope-ass spoiler and a tank-like scooter build that looks sorta amphibious. It's probably not, but maybe it is. Who cares though, its IP-rating could be mesh and it'd still be cooler than anything you've ever build. 

I did find a YouTube channel associated with some of the Vespa-builders from the Instagram Reel that gives a little further insight, with the folks running it talking about Vespa Extreme builds, which these most definitely are. And you can see that they're doing this all in the open air of their home garages.

They're also going around to local and national scooter rides, taking them on adventures, and doing the sort of things you'd normally do with scooters. But they're using their batshit creations. 

I implore you to scroll their social media and just geek the hell out over these wild things. And then, I'd like for you to imagine your own Vespa Extreme and maybe start building it. 

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