A while back, I got to talk with Gard Hollinger of Arch Motorcycles, and still think about that day often. If you don't know Gard's name, he and Keanu Reeves (Yes, the Babayaga himself), co-own Arch Motorcycles, a small bespoke motorcycle manufacturer out of California.

The duo paired up a decade-plus ago and have since created some seriously cool machines. And that day, I even got to ride an Arch KRGT-1 with Gard. The bike was a vibey thing, as if it were a living, breathing animal. It was raw and awesome and I can still feel the sensation of the bars in my palms. 

But now, the duo has decided to take the passion they both imbue into their motorcycles to the small screen for a new docu-series for streamer Roku. The series will be called The Arch Project and from the tagline, sounds like it'll be just as rad as their motorcycles. 

According to Deadline, "Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger are embarking on a quest to find the origins of human creativity, which will be chronicled in a docuseries for Roku. The friends, longtime collaborators and Arch Motorcycle co-founders are headlining and executive producing the series, tentatively titled The Arch Project."

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It goes on to state that the series will talk to creative folks around the world and "explore the stories of those whose ideas and achievements they admire." All of which sounds promising, especially coming from these two. 

Hollinger and Reeves told Deadline, "Our goal in creating this show is to explore the answers to the question, ‘where does human creativity and ingenuity come from’? We’ve sought out artists, innovators, and creators, whose stories we hope will inspire viewers to find answers that help unlock their own creativity.”

Along with Reeves and Hollinger producing the series, Gard's wife, reality TV director Sharon Trojan Hollinger, and Venture 10 Studio Group will produce the series, which doesn't yet have a release date. 

There's not much more than that, but given the two's track record of making cool shit, I'm more than interested to see what's going to become of this series. I'd also love another go on a bike, so if Keanu or Gard are reading this, hit me up. 

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