Owning and riding a Vespa is all about standing out. It’s the very essence of the Italian icon, and what sets it apart from the sea of utilitarian scooters. And so, it’s easy to see why Vespa has become as popular as it has, as its scooters are clearly a cut above the rest—their styling, and not to mention their price tag, are a testament to this.

Over the years, Vespa has released its scooters in countless colorways and special editions. On the one hand, you can opt for the loud and flamboyant colorways such as Arancio Impulsivo and Giallo Limone.

On the other hand, if being sleek and subtle is more to your liking, you could opt for the matte black Negro Matte finish, or perhaps Travolgente Gray, which has just been released for the Vespa GTV300 in Japan.

Vespa Goes Sleek And Sporty With New Travolgente Gray Motif For GTV300
Vespa Goes Sleek And Sporty With New Travolgente Gray Motif For GTV300

For the most part, Vespa’s new Travolgente Gray, which translates to “overwhelming gray,” is sleek and elegant. It’s given a sporty touch with a bright arancio (that’s orange, for non-Italian-speaking folk) stripe that really pops out of the gray paintwork.

The orange stripe extends to the flyscreen, and similar orange accents can be found on the front grill and wheels.

As for the features of this scooter, well, it retains the standard tech of the GTV300, which is one of the most premium models in Vespa’s lineup. It features full-LED lights, with its headlight mounted low on the scooter’s fender similar to classic scooters of the past. The GTV300 also gets a digital instrument cluster and keyless ignition.

Performance-wise, it’s powered by Vespa’s HPE, or High-Performance Engine, which is a 278cc, liquid-cooled thumper with 23.8 horsepower on tap—plenty for a scooter that was predominantly designed for cruising in style in and around town.

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The price tag for a fancy scooter like this? 913,000 Yen, or about $5,799 USD—quite a pretty penny for a scooter. But hey, Vespas were never about being sensible or practical.

And as I said earlier, they’re all about standing out and making a statement. With some special-edition Vespas fetching more than double that price tag, the Vespa GTV300 in Travolgente Gray might as well be a steal.

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