There are plenty of YouTubers out there that push the limits. But there's a handful of them that just don't seem to care who could get hurt, as a click is a click to them. Case in point, Alex Choi.

For those of you unfamiliar with Choi, he's a twenty-something with rich-ass parents who've allowed him to get away with whatever he wants. And, to Choi's credit, he's turned that unlimited bank balance into a successful YouTube channel. But one that's built on him doing stupid, reckless, and dangerous things, and not in the same way Travis Pastrana and the crew over at Channel 199 do. No, Choi has a habit of just pushing the danger envelope to drive those sweet, sweet clicks. 

His latest stunt, a video involving El Mirage dry lakebed in California, a Lamborghini, and a helicopter flying dangerously low firing fireworks at the Lambo while Choi drives, however, has landed him in the sights of the feds. In fact, not only has the video been taken down, but Choi was arrested on Wednesday and charged with "causing the placement of an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft," the DOJ tells ABC News

But again, this isn't the first time Choi's been in the limelight for stupidly dangerous acts. Remember when he nearly killed a motorcyclist?

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A few years back, Choi drove his Lamborghini Huracan up to the Snake, a portion of Mulholland Highway near Agoura Hills in Los Angeles. It's a spot where bikers love to congregate and session the road, and there's a small parking area to look out at the view. Choi turned up, parked for a minute, and then decided to leave. 

But not before throwing a donut in his Lambo. Right in the middle of the street. As motorcyclists rode down the road. 

The clip caught by The Riders Channel on YouTube, shows the instant where Choi spins the Lamborghini, and nearly clips a motorcyclist head-on. It's a frightening moment, one I'm sure the motorcyclist relived in their head for days after the incident. What's even stupider on Choi's part, is he stops and starts trying to defend himself to the other bikers, who are rightly pissed off.

Hopefully, this latest incident with the feds finally knocks some much-needed sense into the kid. But I doubt it. 

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