Some sponsor/manufacturer duos will go down as inseparable, intrinsically tied together, even if they do part ways—yes, we're looking at you, Repsol Honda. But to get involved at this level costs millions of dollars, and sponsors do it to get their names out there on the big screen and associated with the best riders in the world. So why would someone like you or me want to sponsor a team?

Well, lots of reasons actually, thanks to the way Gresini has set up this sponsorship program with Sportpass.

Fans can purchase a "micro-sponsorship package" for as little as $136, and this opens you up to a range of benefits that are usually reserved for corporate sponsors and VIPs. These entry-level sponsorships range in price from $136 to $380 and entitle you to unique content from the Gresini crew, a way to join online chats with them, and a personalized team polo.

The guaranteed rewards are pretty cool, but what's more exciting are the competitions you'll be entered into as part of being a micro-sponsor. You'll get weekly opportunities to win Paddock Experiences, which include hospitality with the Gresini team, visiting the box, and paddock scooters that are normally reserved for corporate sponsors. Those aren't even the best perks, though.

One of the best parts of the whole "micro sponsorship package" is the opportunity to win a competition to get your name printed on either Marc or Alex's MotoGP bike for the weekend you attend a race.

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Higher-tier packages take you out of the competition and ensure that you'll get Paddock Experiences at your chosen races, and your name on one of Gresini's MotoGP bikes. You can get a single package or a package of 4, which is aimed at families or companies that want to dip their toe in the water of MotoGP sponsorship and get many of the perks without writing a million-dollar check. But here comes the best part.

Every sponsor, regardless of whether you're top tier or entry-level, gets entered into a draw to win the Ducati Panigale V4S race-prepped training bike that Alex and Marc used throughout 2024. Last year, the winner opted for a USD 20,000 cash prize instead, and the winner can do the same this year if they'd prefer. You have to feel like it's worth so much more than $20,000 though, right?

"We have always had an incredibly loyal fan base not only of the team but the many riders who have achieved success in our championship projects. We could not be happier to be the first team to ever allow actual fans to become sponsors and make this available globally," said Carlo Merlini, Gresini's marketing director. "We look forward to innovating and engaging in new and exciting ways."

Gresini is steeped in history, and many riders have passed through this satellite team and gone on to achieve great things. For once, this is a patron-style program I'd really consider parting money for. OK, the opportunity to win that V4S plays a massive part, but still, there's a lot on offer for the price.

I don't know if you've ever looked at the price of official polo shirts at a MotoGP race, but they ain't cheap.

So is this something you'd pay $136 to be involved with? And the bigger question is, what team would you like to run a program like this next?

Follow this link if you're interested in becoming a micro-sponsor.

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