The IOM TT seems like a foreign and unrelatable concept to many, and that's because, for most, it is foreign and unrelatable. It's a type of racing that's legal in very few parts of the world, where riders are set off in intervals, ride for 226 miles, and breaking the record for the highest average speed is coveted. That's a bit to wrap your head around if you're used to grid starts and take crossing the start/finish line first to mean a rider wins.

Or maybe you're on the other side of the fence, a TT fanatic. If so, today is like your birthday, and every holiday season wrapped into one—the start of TT racing. And chances are that you feel like a junkie who can't get enough.

Whatever category you fall into, fear not, I've got a stellar list of things to watch to bring you up to speed on the TT or feed your insatiable appetite for the mountain course.


Kicking off the list is my all-time favorite road racing documentary—Road. It doesn't strictly focus on the IOM TT, but rather on the greatest family of road racers we'll likely ever see—the Dunlops.

It's a heartwrenching documentary that you won't be able to take your eyes off for a second.

If you don't understand why road racers do what they do after this, you probably never will. And given the fact that it's narrated by Liam Neason, who's from Northern Ireland, adds a touch of something special, even authentic, to the whole thing. Have your tissues ready, and maybe an Irish friend nearby to have them decode some of the thick accents you'll hear.

TT3D: Closer to the Edge

Closer to the Edge focuses on one man, Guy Martin, as he attempts to get his first TT win. Much more than a documentary about why riders choose to compete in road racing, this is about why someone would make winning the IOM TT a lifelong obsession. 

This is a great one to watch if you want to grasp what the IOM TT is all about and how it works. Not least is it helped along by following the biggest character the TT has ever seen. It came out in 2011 but doesn't feel long in the tooth, at all. The emotions, the speed, and even some of the competitors are the same.

Perfect for both those who want a better grasp of the TT and fans who need to indulge in more IOM action.

No Room for Error

Unlike the documentaries above, No Room For Error is a docuseries. Each episode focuses on a different rider and their progress toward the TT. What's special about this is we get a unique insight into the mindset of TT riders, what sets them apart, and what drives them. 

But perhaps the most interesting thing about No Room For Error is how it highlights the commonality that links all the TT competitors—an insatiable hunger to conquer the mountain course. 

The series was produced in conjunction with ITV4, so if you're in the UK, you can watch it here. And if you're outside of the UK, you can check it out on TT+.

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Keeping up to Date

If you want to keep up to date with the action as it's happening, nothing beats the TT+ Live Pass, which you can sign up with for free. But if you don't have time to stay glued to your screen, or you're worried you'll lose your job if you get the live pass, check out the daily round-up on the IOM TT's Youtube channel. 

Huge shoutout to the folks behind the Youtube channel because we at RideApart feel the coverage is a huge step up this year, and personally I think it's the easiest way to catch up with what's happening and get my daily fix. 

If you've watched any of the documentaries listed above, please comment and let us know your thoughts. And if you haven't, get on it!

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