You could say that your motorcycle’s brakes are among its most important parts. I mean, if something were to fail, you’d very much rather it not be your brakes, right? And so it’s clear that tons of research and development has gone into the industry’s top braking systems, particularly those found in high-performance sport and naked bikes.

Designed to provide top-tier stopping performance, Brembo’s newest GP4-MotoGP caliper is exactly that—the brand’s very best offering for high-performance road-going motorcycles. Solidifying its high-performance nature, Brembo has just bagged the 2024 Red Dot design award for the GP4-MotoGP caliper.

The Red Dot Award is something a lot of manufacturers strive for, as it’s one of the most highly esteemed design competitions in the world. It honors inventions and innovations that combine cutting-edge technology with outstanding aesthetics.

So yes, with the GP4-MotoGP, Brembo has somehow managed to make a top-performing caliper, all while making it look like a work of art. I mean, just look at it.

Brembo’s GP4-MotoGP Caliper Bags 2024 Red Dot Design Award

Beneath the GP4-MotoGP’s angular, otherworldly aesthetic, it’s packing some cutting-edge tech. It features oblique pad abutments which not only make the caliper itself stronger but also provide stronger braking power. The caliper’s internals have also been designed to provide anti-drag effects for better efficiency, and instant pad release for superb braking feel.

Now, I’ve never had the chance to try these calipers for myself. But I did have a set of Brembo Stylema calipers on my Triumph Street Triple RS, and those were by far the best brakes I have ever had on any bike. And so I could only imagine how sharp and precise the GP4-MotoGPs—calipers designed directly from the world of racing—could be.

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Realistically speaking, the average street rider doesn’t need ultra-high-performance brakes like the GP4-MotoGP. They’re designed to perform best on track, as the technology found within them was literally developed on the race track. Plus, I’m sure there aren’t many twisty sections or wide open straights on any public road that necessitate that much braking power.

And if by any chance there were, then it’s more than likely you’re going way too fast.

But hey, a big reason why we ride the bikes we ride is because of the way they look. And performance parts are almost always the blingiest parts, and in my book, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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