The iconic British motorcycle marque Triumph is known for many things, but motocross isn’t really one of them. That is, until now. For years, Triumph had been teasing the development of a full-blown motocross machine, and now, the TF 250-X has arrived and is ready to rip up the MX tracks.

Indeed, this is exactly what Triumph is doing, as it joins the motocross world with an extremely strong start.

Competing in the Monster Energy AMA 250SX East Championship and Pro Motocross Championship, Triumph managed to put on quite a show, bagging multiple holeshots, a Heat Race win, and respectable finishes across the nine rounds of the Monster Energy AMA 250SX East Championship.

Triumph’s Off To A Strong Start In The Motocross World
Triumph’s Off To A Strong Start In The Motocross World

Piloting the Triumph TF 250-X throughout an impressive debut season was Jalek Swoll, who enjoyed his most successful Supercross season aboard the Triumph dirtbike. Despite suffering from a back injury early on in the series, Swoll soldiered on, consistently running at a top-five pace. He even secured two holeshots and took Triumph’s first Heat Race win.

However, despite his efforts, Swoll wasn’t able to bag a top-five finish, instead finishing in seventh place overall due to a few mishaps early on in the season. Nevertheless, it was an impressive effort and proof that Triumph’s new motocross machine is more than capable of keeping up with the big boys of MX.

Swoll was all praises for Triumph’s new dirtbike. He explained how the bike corners really well, and how light and nimble it is around the track.

“Being part of a legendary brand and being their only rider throughout the Supercross season made me proud. We certainly learned a lot about ourselves, as a team, and with the bike. A lot of credit goes to Triumph as the TF 250-X started out in a competitive way. The bike corners so well; it’s super light and nimble so I can move it around how I want to,” he said.

Triumph’s Off To A Strong Start In The Motocross World

With the Monster Energy AMA 250SX East Championship certainly being one for the books, anticipation builds for the outdoor season of the Pro Motocross Championship.

Alongside Swoll, Triumph has also fielded multiple race-winner Joey Savatgy to compete aboard the TF 250-X. Savatgy had this to say about the bike and the upcoming season: “From when I first rode the bike to now, we’ve made heaps of improvements, but we will continue to learn. We have a smart crew around us to get the boat pointed in the right direction.”

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The racing action began on May 25, 2024, and again, Triumph was off to a respectable start. Jalek Swoll took fifth place, while Joey Savatgy took ninth place. Overall standings see Swoll sitting in fifth and Savatgy sitting in seventh. With still a ways to go, it’s still very much anyone’s ballgame, so we’ll be sure to keep our eyes on the 2024 Pro Motocross Championship.

The motocross world is certainly abuzz with tons of new innovations. Apart from Triumph, we’ve also seen Ducati make quite a strong debut in the MX world. Of course, established names in the sport have rolled out tons of new and exciting innovations this year. So it goes without saying that today’s MX scene is in for some really big surprises.

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