Despite Travis Pastrana's recent talk of slowing down, getting healthy, and going in for stem cell treatments for his laundry list of maladies from his decades of action sports, did you actually think he'd really slow down? Like, this is Travis Pastrana.

His version of slowing down is most peoples' going big. 

And given he's built out his home in Maryland to be a veritable action sports playground, affectionately called Pastranaland, hijinks and shenanigans are always on the table. The most recent of which being a pool/dirtbike ramp Travis asked his on-site psychopaths, I mean engineers, to build so him and his friends could jump all sorts of watercraft...on land.

Again, he's slowing down, but not in the way you or I would.

The whole build only took two guys about five days to complete, but that's largely thanks to having all the right tools, stock in lumber, and these engineers building ramps for the Nitro Circus crew for the last two decades. They've got ramp-building down.

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The only tough part, however, was making the whole thing water-tight, as wood is, you know, permeable. But once they figured that out, as well as constructing the top portion of the ramp to have a groove for the boat and jetski's V-shaped hulls, they were good to go. 

And GTG means launching a jet boat off the ramp into a bag, but going way too fast and skidding off the other side, nearly pulling a Streetbike Tommy. 

So what's the obvious conclusion to a stellar first test where the rider almost dies? You guessed it, send it harder and with more folks the next time, with the first nearly coming up short, and also including Travis who rides a new Sea-Doo jet ski off the ramp with his wife Lyn-Z, while his daughters watch on. 

His first run, Lyn-Z actually called it "Meh." Which is why she got on the back and they went harder, together, as a family. 

Check out the full video above. And for all those worried that Travis wasn't going to be Travis anymore, I think you're still in for some treats. 

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