Jason Momoa is one of those Hollywood actors you'd just love to hang out and share a beer with. His energy is a golden retriever that was just told he's a good boy. 

And best of all, he's a huge motorcycle fan, having done documentaries, long rides, and collaborations with some of the best-known motorcycling folks on the planet. He also partnered with Harley-Davidson on an apparel lineup with his own 'On The Roam' brand. 

The collaboration was such a success, the pairing are at it again offering new items, colorways, and more. All of which Momoa previewed in a recent Instagram Reel. 

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The original press release that debuted last summer states, "Harley-Davidson and actor and entrepreneur Jason Momoa join forces to release a new lifestyle collection, On The Roam x Harley-Davidson. This collection celebrates Momoa’s admiration for the brand, rooted in the principles of freedom and authenticity, blending seamlessly with his unique and creative aesthetic." 

It adds, "On The Roam is dedicated to those who seek the untamed thrill of adventure and embrace the open road, empowering individuals to craft their own stories."

Now, after the collection's success, a host of apparel has been added to satiate buyers, including new t-shirts, henleys, hoodies, pants, and a leather jacket. And from the looks of the pictures on Harley's site, as well as the video Momoa posted, the gear looks tight. 

I'm partial to hoodies and henleys, myself, so I'd definitely partake in those. But everything else looks super high-quality and with Momoa's unique style. You can check out the new collection here

It's also cool to see a brand like Harley work with someone like Momoa, as he doesn't fit the traditional Harley-Davidson demographic. 

At the time of the original drop, Momoa said, "The On The Roam collection was born out of my love for Harley-Davidson. In this collection, we honor 120 years of Harley-Davidson, embracing the adventure, empowering us to write our own story- the freedom to wander in the wild and live in the moments.”

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