Despite state and federal governmental talking points and press releases, public land is every US citizen's land. It's not there for Republicans or Democrats to sell off, auction, or lease to private corporations, though both do so on the regular. Public land is a trust designed for everyone, and it's our job to be good stewards and conserve that land as best we can. 

But that's not how the world works and those public lands are under constant threat from those political parties and governments of doing away with vast swaths. Thankfully, grassroots organizations like Tread Lightly!, the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and countless others are fighting to keep our lands accessible.

But they can't do it alone, and there's a cadre of private business aiding those battles, too, with onX being one of the biggest proponents of keeping land access in the hands of the people. To that end, the company's new 'Adventure Forever' grants program is asking for submissions to "secure and improve" public access. 

And that's a mission RideApart can get behind. 

onX started this stewardship back in 2018, seeing the land rights issue creep further and further into our public lands, and has helped "secure or improve public access to 154,000 acres, and supported the maintenance and building of 255 miles of trails" since. This has been through acquiring land outright and then either donating it back to states in trusts or remaining private through a "long-term conservation agreement or plan," helping set up public/private easements (i.e. helping reduce corner crossing in the West), and restoring, cleaning, and generally being good land stewards. 

And the company is now continuing that with the 'Adventure Forever Grants' program. 

onX Public Lands
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“At onX we believe that everyone should have access to the outdoors. But with that right
comes great responsibility to take care of the places that fuel our adventures,” says
onX Senior Brand Manager for Advocacy, Becky Marcelliano, adding, “These projects support all types of offroading, from 4x4 and dirt biking to snowmobiling. Maintaining access is a top priority for the motorized community, and we aim to be part of the solution.”

I'd also add that it supports the hunting community, too, as they often don't see themselves as riders, though they use these vehicles to access the backcountry. 

The 'Adventure Forever Grants' aims to support local, state, and federal "nonprofits, land trusts, trail associations, and other organizations" and fund them for "different recreation-based projects." And right now, onX is currently accepting applications from those organizations, though the first window of two is closing soon.

onX states that there will be two application opportunities in 2024, with the first closing at midnight Mountain time Friday, May 17th. That's this week. But don't worry, a second
submission deadline will be for August 16 at midnight Mountain Time. You can find out more about the 'Adventure Forever Grants' on onX's website, which details what the company looks at within your application, funding amounts, and more. 

I would emphasize that I feel that every land-access, hunting, sporting, or off-roading non-profit should absolutely apply for this grant. It's rare that private businesses offer this sort of direct financial support to public issues.

And at the end of the day, we're in this together and fighting for the rights of everyone, not just one sect of the outdoor recreational public. These grants will help support the hiking, camping, off-roading, hunting, and general recreating public communities. 

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