All around the world, folks put their children on motorcycles. It's a way of life, as car ownership isn't as ubiquitous as it is here in the States. I mean, they're wildly expensive in most other locales. So motorcycles make up the bulk of transportation, which often includes riding with your children. 

But is it a good idea to bring to America?

That's the question that Zac and Ari want to answer in the latest video from RevZilla, as it sees the brand new dads test two methods of carrying children on motorcycles. Now, this isn't exactly a scientific test, Ari's child seat is mounted with the help of a 2x4, and Zac's uses hopes and prayers.

Nor does it test all the other methods that you could theoretically use, i.e. a chest carrier that I definitely didn't use with my children... Rather, the video is meant to be fun and hilarious, which it most definitely is.  

The video also sees them pop wheelies, drive through RevZilla's "own rain", hit the track, slam some off-road trails, and even a "crash test". All in all, it's a lot of fun, dumb insanity as, again, a lot of the world gets around on motorcycles. They use them as trucks, as commuters, and even as baby carriers. 

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Now, I'm not saying that everyone should start riding with their infant strapped to their chest or using one of the rigs Zac and Ari cooked up. No, the world is full of drivers who don't care about you or your well-being, let alone your child's. But that doesn't mean you can't bring your kids along while riding or expose them to motorcycles from an early age

A lot of manufacturers have child-spec motorcycle gear, including helmets like my daughter's HJC. And sitting with you while you ride dirt track or trails can be extremely fun, so long as you go slow and no try and hot-dog it too much.

They won't be as safe as they are while walking around your backyard, but life isn't safe and if they like motorcycles, it's a fun way to get them involved early on. 

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