I'm a big fan of electric bikes, both the ones you pedal and the ones you don't. Whereas motorcycles have their places and, despite my best efforts, can't go everywhere. But e-bikes are more socially acceptable to rip around in more crowded locales and have been gaining popularity both in the OG bicycle world and larger populations. 

And that's why e-bike company Super73 exists in the fashion it does now, as since its introduction, it's only expanded. Its latest expansion, however, is sure to have you scrolling the company's site for a good portion of the day, spec'ing out your perfect e-bike as for the 2024 model year, it's introduced a raft of updates and special editions just for you. Yes, you!

According to Super73, the mechanical updates include more robust throttles, UL-compliant batteries that provide "a range of capacities", and a refreshed set of colorways. Likewise, the company will begin offering Special Edition (SE) and Limited Edition (LE) which will introduce badging to "differentiate" the models. 

The three new colorways include; Bandit SE, a 1970s muscle car-inspired black with gold touches that'll be available on the Super73 Z-Series and Super73 R Adventure; Palladium SE,  painted in a "deep and rich gray with brown vinyl seat" available on the same Super73 Z-Series and Super73 R Adventures; and finally, Speedway LE, which offers a new satin grey and available on the Super73 Miami, the Super73 ZX-Series and Super73 R Adventures. 

Super73 3
Super73 1
Super 73 2
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Super73 is also simplifying its battery options by offering three tiers, including 500 Pro, 750 Pro, and 1000 Pro, each denoting a specific wattage and range available for the bikes. The 500 Pro will have a range of 25-35 miles, the 750 Pro 35-45 miles, and the 1000 Pro 40-55 miles. Each will also be available across a subset of Super73's offerings, though the 1000 Pro will only be available on the brand's Super73 R Adventure model. 

Speaking about the new models, Super73's co-founder and CEO stated, “We’ve listened closely to our riders’ experiences and aspirations, and are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements and colorways of our new 2024 lineup,” adding, “Every upgrade is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences and exceeding the expectations of our loyal and passionate customers, while also adding exclusive numbered badging for all of our limited and special edition bikes starting this year, adding a touch of exclusivity and pride to every ride.”

Super73's offerings start at $1,995 for adult models—a kid's model can be had for $795—which seems pretty reasonable for the e-bike market. I can see where this would work for a vast group of folks, including those in large cities or those campers who need easy and fast transportation when they're touring the country. 

But what do you all think of these new updates? Let us know. 

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