You may be familiar with Utah-based bike specialist Fezzari, as the brand has a whole host of bikes that cater to all the disciplines of cycling, plus a few noteworthy electric options. But recently, Fezzari rebranded to just Ari in a bid to gain easier memory recall as it’s easier to pronounce.

Though the change is still recent, Ari is at it in full force in 2024 and has a bunch of new e-bike models lined up. The newest of which takes the form of the Nebo Peak, a lightweight electric mountain bike with a focus on versatile all-mountain riding.

It's lightweight and versatile for all sorts of trails.

The Ari Nebo Peak is lightweight and versatile for all sorts of trails.

At the heart of the Ari Nebo Peak is a compact and responsive Fazua Ride 60 drive system. Hailed for its natural-feeling pedal assist, the Porsche-owned e-bike powertrain specialist is one of the up-and-coming names in the business. With 60 Nm (44 pound-feet) of torque and a max power output of 450 watts, the Nebo Peak isn’t a high-powered trail muncher, but rather a dynamic e-MTB that’s all about flow.

The Ride 60 motor is integrated extremely well into a full-carbon fiber frame, so much so that you could miss the fact that it was actually an e-bike. Apart from the motor, the contoured frame also conceals the 430-watt-hour battery pack. If you want to go the extra distance and stay stealthy at the same time, you can also fit it with a range extender that could easily be mistaken as a water bottle—quite the sneaky way to assert your dominance on the trails.

It's powered by the Fazua Ride 60 motor

It's powered by the Fazua Ride 60 motor

Speaking of trails, the Nebo Peak can pretty much handle whatever you throw at it (save for massive jumps and drops) thanks to its 150mm front and 140mm rear suspension travel. There’s a GA (Geometry Adjust) link chip to switch between climbing and downhill geometries, too. So you could technically say that the Nebo Peak is two bikes in one.

Adjustable geometry means it's good at both climbing and descending.

Adjustable geometry means it's good at both climbing and descending.

You can check out the build specs and variants of the Nebo Peak on Ari’s official website, but the entry-level offering commands quite an attractive price tag of $5,999 USD. For that amount, you get DVO D1 Diamond 36 front fork and a Topaz 3 rear shock. Shimano SLX shifters, TRP Slate Evo brakes, and a DT Swiss wheelset round out the package.


All things considered, Ari’s Nebo Peak offers quite a lot of bang for your buck, despite being the most premium e-MTB in Ari’s lineup. Given the specs and components it’s rocking, it can easily be pitted against e-MTBs that go for twice the price.

Lightweight e-MTBs like the Nebo Peak have been gaining popularity in recent years. As it would turn out, a lot of mountain bikers looking to make the electric shift prefer modest power outputs in exchange for a lightweight, well-handling platform. I currently own a powerful 750-watt electric mountain bike, and frequently find its power output overbearing when tackling technical trails. Suffice it to say that an e-MTB like the Nebo Peak will be on my radar when I go shopping for a new one.

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